Having trouble asking questions in class
npsjpr_admin January 26, 2023

Having Trouble Asking Questions In Class? How Do You Get Over It?

Having Trouble Asking Questions In Class? How Do You Get Over It?

n a classroom, some students wish they would not be asked a question or added to the academic discussion. It requires strength to raise your hand and ask questions in class. Students who do not ask questions are unclear about the topics taught and get academically and personally impacted. They lack confidence. But a student can overcome this fear and phobia and gain confidence. Teachers of NPS Sarjapur Road, the best school in Bangalore east, encourage students to overcome their fear, ask questions and be confident.


Let us understand the reasons why some students do not ask questions in class:


  1. Shyness:A student may not volunteer to raise a hand with a question because the person is shy. They lack a clear, open mind to understand things better and do not dare to participate more and ask questions.
  2. Fear of Peers:Students are self-conscious and worry about what their peers will think if they ask questions in class. Peer friendships become extremely important in the adolescent years.


  1. Fear of being called dumb: No student wants to be called foolish. At times, academic content taught previously appears unfamiliar. So, the student fears they will appear foolish, unintelligent or as if they were not paying attention in class.


  1. Difficulty in framing the question: Students may find it hard to frame a question. Students may be hesitant and unclear about how to structure the sentence grammatically. They may find it challenging to select appropriate words, thus making them reluctant to ask questions or clear their doubts.


Let us see the consequences of not asking questions in class:


  1. Gaps in knowledge: Students fail to speak up and ask questions and have gaps in knowledge. When the concept is unclear, the student will build a gap in acquiring the required knowledge.


  1. Reinforces bad habits for future learning: A habit is a regular tendency or practice and is hard to give up. If students continually resort to retreating when they have a question, they will develop the habit of not asking when necessary. It will continue in the future too.


  1. Hinders self-esteem: Students who refuse to ask questions have low self-esteem as they are missing chunks of information. They feel they are not up-to-date with the lessons, which hinders their self-esteem.


A student can always overcome this fear phobia. Let us see how?


  1. First, start by learning to ask a question outsideof the classroom. If you have a question, write it,re-read it and try to find the answer yourself. Try also to re-formulate the question in a clear, more concise and answerable way.


  1. If your teacher offers office hours, attend them and ask your question in person. Talking to your teacher one-to-one will help you learn the subject and communicate more efficiently. It will also improve your confidence and build a good relationship with your teacher.


  1. Work on your confidence. You can practice talking, looking confident and being an extrovert.


  1. When you are confident, ask more questionsin class. You will notice it is easier to ask questions as you do it more often. If not, meet your teacher and discuss your questions again.


Asking questions or speaking about anything in public does not come naturally. Everyone has to learn. Practice is the best way to develop public speaking skills. You can practice speaking in a room or in front of your family or a group. 

The best people at your disposal are your teachers, who are always there to support you and build your confidence. Teachers of NPS Sarjapur Road, the best school in Bangalore East, encourage students to ask questions in class. Teachers of NPS Sarjapur Road have a great responsibility to draw students out of their shells and nurture the love of learning inherent within every person.  At NPS Sarjapur Road, asking questions is like a “game” that every student enjoys and is confident to tell or ask.



Students who do not ask questions are at risk of losing valuable academic information that is relevant to their future success. At the National Public School, Sarjapur branch Bangalore, we value education and believe in the inherent joy of learning. We strive to provide children with an excellent one-on-one environment to thrive.

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