Regarding studies and educational techniques for kids, NPS Sarjapur is one of Bangalore’s best CBSE schools. Our Kindergarten curricula always provide the best. The very first years of learning foundation for your child are Kindergarten. Therefore, you must secure your child’s most excellent possible education at this time.

With a concentration on fundamental disciplines, we provide a broad-based orientation to basic academics. Your child will participate in experiential learning using various resources to get the necessary skills and information while studying with us.

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Our Kindergarten program is a thoroughly thought-out, interactive learning approach that aims to give kids an outstanding educational foundation. For children ages 3 to 5, this three-year education is available.

Four-year-olds begin Kindergarten and stay for two more years until Class 1. In student-centered environments, it promotes comprehensive development that is necessary for ongoing success in the Smart classroom. Children get the chance to take part in activities that combine play, tales, arts, and crafts to study a variety of language, math, and science subjects.

The social component of learning is acknowledged in Kindergarten, and students are encouraged to collaborate individually and as a class.

The child’s initial journey into literacy takes place against the backdrop of rich oral language culture and well-known tales. As they hear stories read aloud, recite poems, and practice new songs, students are involved in a language-rich atmosphere. The Kindergarten curriculum gives the child a strong foundation for school and life.

The NPS is one of the best schools near Sarjapur. The curriculum is careful and perfect, with a format that is adaptable and simple to take up. All language, reading, science, and math abilities are explicitly taught. It admirably integrates teacher-led learning with child-centered discoveries. In addition, it offers comprehensive ongoing official and informal assessments throughout the year. It provides a stimulating, inquiry-based, and play-based learning program to children aged four and five during the regular school day. The teacher-to-student ratio is strictly followed, and it is ably backed by a well-trained, compassionate, and understanding support team.


kindergarten near me