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Crafting young imaginations

Building the foundation for a vibrant educational journey


Discover the best start for your child’s educational journey at NPS Sarjapur’s Kindergarten, where excellence meets exploration. Tailored for ages 3 to 5, our three-year program provides a broad-based orientation to basic academics through experiential learning.

From 3 years onwards, children embark on a student-centered adventure, engaging in activities that blend play, tales, arts, and crafts, fostering comprehensive development. This approach creates a holistic environment that encourages not only academic growth but also social interaction and teamwork.

The emphasis on early literacy skills is woven into the fabric of our curriculum. Students participate in a rich oral language culture, hear stories read aloud, recite poems, and practice new songs, all contributing to a language-rich atmosphere. Our Kindergarten curriculum is designed to give children a strong foundation for both school and life.

Join us in creating a nurturing environment where young minds flourish, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.


Discover a transformative educational journey as we delve into the essence of our Montessori program

Individual attention

Strict adherence to an optimal teacher-to-student ratio ensures personalized support.

Stimulating environment

A play-based learning program fosters curiosity and enthusiasm in children aged four and five.

Ongoing assessments

Continuous formal and informal assessments track and enhance your child’s progress.

Balanced learning

Our program combines teacher-led instruction and child-centered discoveries for a
well-rounded learning experience.

Supportive team

Backed by a compassionate support team, our educators create a nurturing environment for your child’s intellectual and emotional growth.

Curriculum highlights

In Kindergarten at NPS Sarjapur Road (east), students aged four to five embark on a learning adventure that encompasses language, reading, science, and math. Our carefully structured curriculum imparts essential academic skills while nurturing creativity through engaging activities like play, storytelling, and arts. The program encourages social development by fostering collaboration among students. With a focus on foundational literacy and numeracy skills, children experience a language-rich environment through stories, poems, and songs. The supportive atmosphere, guided by qualified educators, ensures each child’s holistic growth and sets the stage for a successful educational journey. Join us as we instill a love for learning and equip students with fundamental skills that go beyond the classroom.

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