Creative Approaches To Encourage Reading In Elementary Schools
npsjpr_admin November 17, 2023

Creative Approaches To Encourage Reading In Elementary Schools


Reading doesn’t discriminate based on race, sex, class, age or gender. It’s a free magic carpet ride to every corner of the world (and beyond) at every hour of the day and night. Every kid deserves to be able to read the written word, regardless of age or ability.

Young readers who develop a lifelong love for literature don’t just decipher, segment and blend with ease. They also have a deep love for the enchantment of the prose.

To promote lifelong reading, NPS Sarjapura road Bangalore’s best school builds a strong reading culture in every classroom.

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How To Build and Promote a Strong Reading Culture

- Live and Breathe Literature

Put reading at the heart of your school’s success. Headteachers should make reading a priority. Their goal should be for each student to become a proficient and enthusiastic reader.

- Encourage Curiosity Within the School

Create eye-catching displays and one-of-a-kind installations that celebrate a passion for reading.

Create reading areas throughout the school where students can take a break from the classroom and curl up with a book.

- Rich Environment

Create a language-rich environment where adults engage with children throughout the day and where students have the chance to engage in a wide range of conversations, which will increase their vocabulary awareness and support their understanding.

- Transform the Library space

Transform the school library space to create a space that is creative, engaging and welcoming to everyone. Fill the space with colourful displays and comfortable seating. Make sure every child is scheduled in the library at least once a week to renew books. NPS Sarjapura road, known for its quality education, provides library inductions to teach children how to safely and respectfully use the library.

- Invite Guest Speakers

Encourage your students to take part in as many curriculum-related school trips as possible, as these can be a great way to broaden their learning experiences.

- Compete

Motivation plays an important role in the success and quality of learning outcomes. Some students may need to be intrinsically motivated first, while others may need to be extrinsic. In some groups of students, we may need to encourage them to read until it’s as easy as breathing.

- Help Children Take Control of Their Reading

If you want kids to take responsibility for their reading, you need to empower them to verbalize what their next steps are. Clear and achievable goals should be used to build confidence, not accountability. A well-coordinated, school-wide target-setting approach will highlight the reading profile throughout the curriculum, reminding students that we are all readers and we are all connected.

- Organise Events

Host events throughout the year to celebrate reading.

- Invite Your Students

Encourage your students to help the school raise awareness of reading. For example, set up a “peer to peer” reading programme, where one older, more qualified student helps a child who is younger than their chronological age to read.

- Volunteer for a Reading Committee

Set up a reading committee that meets regularly to discuss school improvement objectives, reading rewards, and suggestions to help build a stronger reading culture.

- Make Your Titles Interesting and Accessible

Kids need to know what library texts are suitable for them. Developing a colour code based on reading age ability will allow them to confidently and independently choose accessible texts, helping them to become confident and resilient readers

- Keep Staff in the Know

Teachers have a lot of power. Listening to a teacher read aloud can be a life-changing experience for some students. If they read with enthusiasm and different intonations, they can make a difference.


Fostering a love for reading in elementary schools requires a multifaceted approach. Incorporating interactive reading corners, author visits, and book-related events can make reading exciting. Embracing diverse literature and involving parents in reading initiatives can also enhance the reading culture. By creating a vibrant and inclusive reading environment, NPS Sarjapura road, the best CBSE schools in Bangalore inspire young minds to embark on lifelong literary journeys, equipping them with the invaluable gift of knowledge and imagination.

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