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Setting the standard for unrivaled educational quality, NPS Sarjapur Road (east) ensures excellence through innovative, holistic learning

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At NPS Sarjapur Road (east), recognized as one of Bangalore’s top CBSE schools, we prioritize scholastic excellence. Our focus is on instilling dedication, smart skills, and a love for learning in students, fostering teamwork and critical thinking. Our dedicated teachers create engaging and enjoyable classes, drawing out the best in each student.

The holistic education extends to supplementary visual arts, music, drama, and physical education courses, enriching the academic journey. Exciting extracurricular programs, including excursions and interactions with other schools, further broaden students’ horizons.

Our early childhood education, blending Montessori and Kindergarten approaches, lays a robust foundation for lifelong learning.

Experience the transformative outcomes of our scholastic programs at NPS, where education is dynamic, engaging, and sets the stage for a future of excellence and success.

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Educational programs at a glance

Explore the educational programs designed to nurture and inspire at NPS Sarjapur Road (east). Each stage marks a crucial step in your child's educational journey, ensuring a foundation of excellence.



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