Middle & Secondary School

Middle school students are known to be a very energetic bunch. They love to explore, and they also love to be active in their learning. Inter-house and inter-school activities are one way of keeping them involved. That’s why NPS makes sure they experience all these opportunities.

They get to compete with other schools. This can go a long way in helping students develop their leadership skills, as well as help them learn about their peers from different houses and schools.

secondary schools

Middle School is a period of hard work but also of fun and learning. The classes are taught by experienced teachers who have been there for years, ensuring students get the best possible education.

NPS introduces an enhanced learning environment for Middle school students, where there are many new experiences to be had. It is an exciting period for students, as they are broadening their horizons by studying a variety of subjects and gaining experience in the art of group work.

At NPS, one of Bangalore’s best CBSE schools, core subjects including Mathematics, General Science, and Social Science are split into different parts to let students learn each subject in depth. 

Mathematics teachers engage students in math investigatory projects. We can confidently say that we provide our students with the best standards of learning.

In General Science, they learn Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, while Social Science is split into Civics, History, and Geography. Third language systems and technical skill development stay part of middle school students’ curriculums.

Being one of Bangalore’s best schools, NPS not only introduces your child to such deep subject knowledge but also ensures they understand what they are being taught. So book a visit to NPS today for a secured academic future for your child.