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Middle school

Middle School at NPS Sarjapur is a dynamic and exciting phase, marking the transition from foundational learning to explorative education. Here, students not only delve into diverse subjects but also actively participate in inter-school activities, fostering leadership skills and expanding their horizons. The experienced faculty plays a pivotal role in guiding students through this transformative journey, striking a perfect balance between rigorous academic endeavors and enjoyable learning experiences. The curriculum is designed to provide a robust foundation that ensures a secure academic future for each student, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities ahead.


Discover a transformative educational journey as we delve into the essence of our Montessori program

Subject depth

Core subjects such as Mathematics, General Science, and Social Science are explored in-depth, providing a comprehensive understanding.

Learning diversity

NPS introduces a dynamic learning environment, offering a spectrum of educational opportunities to cater to diverse learning styles.

Experienced facilitation

Classes led by seasoned educators ensure a harmonious and engaging learning experience, leveraging their expertise for student benefit.

Inter-school engagement

Students actively participate in inter-school activities, honing leadership skills and building valuable peer connections.

Language proficiency

The continuation of third language systems fosters linguistic diversity, promoting proficiency in multiple languages.

Well-rounded social science

The curriculum covers Civics, History, and Geography, offering students a
well-rounded perspective on societal and historical aspects.

Holistic science

General Science encompasses Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, contributing to a holistic comprehension of scientific principles.

Innovative math projects

Engaging math investigatory projects go beyond the conventional, enhancing analytical and problem-solving skills among students.

Tech-savvy focus

A dedicated focus on technical skill development prepares students for a future in a technology-driven world, ensuring they remain adept in evolving landscapes.

Middle school academic exploration

Middle School students at NPS Sarjapur Road (east) embark on a journey of academic exploration, covering a wide array of subjects and gaining exposure to diverse learning experiences. The curriculum includes in-depth studies of core subjects like Mathematics, General Science, and Social Science, fostering analytical thinking and a holistic understanding of the sciences.

Students actively engage in math investigatory projects, enhancing their problem-solving abilities. Social Science encompasses Civics, History, and Geography, providing a comprehensive perspective on societal structures and historical events. The curriculum also includes third language systems, promoting linguistic diversity, and technical skill development to prepare students for the demands of the modern world. NPS ensures students not only acquire knowledge but also comprehend the real-world applications of their learning, setting the foundation for a secure academic future.

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