Fostering creativity in classroom : Innovative approaches to inspire young minds.
npsjpr_admin October 3, 2023

Fostering creativity in classroom : Innovative approaches to inspire young minds.

Fostering Creativity in the Classroom: Innovative Approaches to Inspire Young Minds

The ability to think creatively is a significant source of scientific advancement and novelty. In this developing world, educators play a responsible role in inspiring originality and creativity in students. At NPS Sarjapura, the best CBSE Board School in Bangalore, we encourage students to kindle the fire of creativity by going beyond traditional classroom teaching. Let’s find out the creative approaches to nurturing creative thinking, innovation, and originality in this article.

  1. Ask Questions: Curiosity is the mother of invention. Children have to ask open-ended questions to analyze critically and embrace divergent thinking. There are multiple answers to a single question. At NPS Sarjapura, one of the best schools in Bangalore, students are encouraged to explore that possibility through thinking, logic, and reasoning.
  2. Think in terms of images, diagrams, and figures: Introduce thinking in terms of designs, images, diagrams, and figures that help to solve problems in the real world. Thinking from others’ perspectives and internalizing their ideas helps students handle real-world challenges with creativity and innovation.
  3. Expression of Ideas in the Form of Arts: NPS Sarjapuraone of the Best Schools in Bangaloreintegrates arts in the schooling process and remembers that arts have a lot of effect on the holistic development of children. Involve students in the artistic expression of different subjects in the classroom.
  4. Project, Assignment, and Debate-Based Learning: Assessment of the students for developing their creativity and innovation should be based on learning that is very practical. In developing practical learning, projects, assignments, and debates are highly effective for the development of innovation. Hands-on activities, creative projects, and discussions are necessary.
  5. UseNew Technologies Creatively: Technologies should be used with human intelligence, and that develops trust in the expression of creativity. Animation, 3D printers, coding, virtual reality, and augmented reality help in a variety of expressions of ideas.
  6. Apply Creativity: Apply your creativity in different domains of the curriculum. Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches and cross-curricular integration are essential and fundamental for creative development in the classroom.
  7. Learn from Nature: Learning from nature is an essential aspect of creative development. Ecosystem helps students understand the physical world and the relationship of the physical world with the human mind.
  8. Celebrate Flaws and Failures: The first attempt at learning is called FAIL. Students should enjoy the experience of mistakes, errors, and flaws. This develops creativity and innovation in the class.
  9. Measure Creativity: Assess the creativity of students and evaluate their performance in problem-solving utilities. Develop a portfolio of students’ achievements and encourage them to have a better understanding of different subjects.


NPS Sarjapura, the best CBSE Board School in Bangalore, aims at the all-around development of students through the use of arts, technology, classroom teaching and activities, and teachers themselves acting as role models for students in developing creativity and innovation.

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