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What should I look at while choosing a school for my child?

As a parent, one of the most vital choices you will make for your child is to choose a school. It is an overwhelming decision though mainly because there are so many schools out there that you could choose from. It is based on the parents priorities which include the school’s reputation, management, staff, and curriculum, and whether it is on par with the latest technology and resources; etc.

What should I look at while choosing a school for my child?

Here are some steps on how to select the perfect school for your child.

Unbiased visits:

Conduct research, firstly google for the best available options. Visit various schools, check out, and interact with children and their parents in your neighborhood and your friend’s circle. Secondly, personally meet the school principals and discuss your requirements. This will help you gauge better. Next, you should set up meetings with the principals to understand their work, learning, curriculum, and programs. Only then could you decide on getting your child enrolled.

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It is always wise to choose a school closer to your home, and not overlook proximity, as it would save a lot of time, money, and above all your child’s energy. But in case you are unable to look out for a school within your immediate area, you could always opt for the school’s safe transportation.

Academics and Co-curricular activities:

All that your child learns and experiences in the growing years will remain with them their entire life. When it comes to extra-curricular activities, NPS one of the best schools near Sarjapur is an ideal choice as your child is exposed to art, music, stage performances, physical and intellectual games, and above all our children are well-equipped with life skills that will help them all through their life, be it in the field of science, research, or business strategies. We focus on an explicit curriculum, and our well-educated and well-experienced staff is always approachable. We ensure to bring a balance between academics and co-curricular activities keeping the children engaged and motivated.

Student-Teacher ratio and discipline:

This is an important and desirable factor facilitating the teachers to provide individual attention to each of their students. Schools should also follow high levels of discipline, as sheer discipline is a stepping stone to one’s success in life.

Hygiene and cleanliness:

The school has to have a conducive learning environment in addition to a play area or a playground. The school has to be well maintained ensuring a safe place for your child to learn and play with other school children. Cleanliness also means clean tables and chairs, with clean toilets for children to use, keeping them away from infections.

Lastly, look for the curriculum:

Different schools follow different curriculums. Choose the right curriculum based on your child’s ability to perform and excel.


To sum up, various factors influence the growth and development of your child but what makes a school the perfect school is whether your child is happy and safe learning there. At National Public School, the best school in Sarjapur Road, our highly qualified and experienced faculty help and support even average students to perform well with good grades academically. National Public School, Sarjapur Road, provides guidance and assistance o your child to the fullest with a comfortable learning environment.

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