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NPS Sarjapur Road is one of the best CBSE schools in and around Bengaluru. And in a world where technology has rapidly blurred borders, it is our endeavor to provide our student community with a supporting environment that fosters learning, critical and rational thinking, stimulates creativity and nurtures inter-personal communicative and collaborative skills. We are a vibrant technology enabled school that caters to the requirements of today’s New Age generation of students.

At NPS Sarjapur Road we are steadfast in our commitment to create an atmosphere of safety, harmony, and cordiality where the young can interact, share, develop problem-solving capabilities, and adapt themselves to the varied milieu of today’s rapidly evolving world.


    • Our mission is to specifically provide a tailor made, empowering, child-centric, immersive learning environment, through a variety of learning opportunities and best teaching practices.
    • Continuously evolve teaching and learning strategies to equip students with skills and competencies in preparation for their entry into a world beyond school.
    • Provide a plethora of opportunities to every student to develop 21st century skills to transform themselves into value driven versatile well-grounded individuals.
    • Enhance staff competencies through rigorous professional development programmes laying emphasis on teacher training and leadership training.
    • Enhance IT infrastructure and resources to augment student learning and assessments across scholastic and co-scholastic areas.
    • Strive towards impacting the community undertaking outreach initiatives and environmental projects in the neighborhood.

Our Motto

Reach Out, Reach High, Reach Beyond

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We at NPS Sarjapur Road are ever grateful to our parent community for their encouragement, and joining hands with us in creating an atmosphere of excellence. The active involvement of parents in a student’s education is not just critical, but lies at the very heart of the learning process. At NPS Sarjapur Road, it is our firm belief that the participation of parents, not just in the Smart classroom, but beyond it as well, adds value to the overall development of a child, and the holistic approach of the school. We strongly believe that a synergic partnership between parents and the school supports and supplements the learning and developing needs of a child.

At NPS Sarjapur Road, in a bid to promote and cement a healthy relationship between parents and teachers, the school has put into place a consultative mechanism that allows teaching staff to meet parents for individual consultations after school by prior appointment to discuss academic, personal and the social development of their child.



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