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The 3 R’s to protect the planet

Managing waste is a key challenge that the globe is presently coping with. Comprehending the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle for children is the first stride towards successful waste management. To ensure that our planet does not become a garbage dump, we must raise awareness among children for a better tomorrow.

Change begins at home, and dealing with waste at home by educating your child about waste management would be the initial step in making the planet a clean and green one. Through this blog, we at National Public School Bangalore will educate you on the importance of teaching your kids about reducing, reusing, and recycling.    

Reduce translates to minimising the garbage we create by curtailing purchases and consumption. This is an effective and simple way to reduce wastage and thereby remove the cause itself. Teaching children the importance of avoiding waste is the initial step in helping them understand the concept of – Reduce.

Change begins from our homes by undertaking simple tasks. When not in use, switch off electronic and electrical devices. Take only the amount of water you wish to consume. Close taps while brushing or applying soap. Children can be encouraged to use recyclable, durable, and non-polluting materials.

Reuse entails using the same item multiple times rather than discarding it. There are plenty of innovative ways to reuse and repurpose used items. For example, you can use empty glass bottles or plastic containers as flower pots and vases. One can also try and reuse takeaway paper coffee cups as pen or pencil holders. Apart from nurturing and protecting the environment, reusing used materials in imaginative ways can be fun and frolic for children.

Recycle is a way of generating new items from old or used materials. There are instances where products like soft drink bottles, broken parts of the cycle, and open soda cans cannot be reused. Instead, these materials can be recycled and sold again.

Instilling the values of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in your children is not a one-time activity. Waste management values must be regularly strengthened. Adopting the 3 R’s in the daily routine and often celebrating World Environment Day and World Earth Day are ways to reaffirm the message. The benefits of the 3 R’s are:

  • Sensitization of environmental matters
  • Teaching discipline
  • Responsible citizen
  • Instilling values
  • Creativity development

There are a few steps that children could follow in order to follow how to “reduce”.  Some of the simple steps below will aid children to comprehend and incorporate the concept of reduce in their lives. Teach the children how to serve food without spilling. Explain to them the value of food. Make them understand to store leftover food in the refrigerator. Guide them on how to use drawing books and notebooks by efficiently utilising both sides of the paper.

Reusing could be an entertaining activity with simple and ingenious ways to repurpose things. Familiarise children to purchase second-hand things online, at thrift shops, yard sales, etc. Teach them to reuse gift-wrapping paper for gift-packing or craft projects. Motivate them to donate old clothes and toys to shelter homes or orphanages.  

Enlighten your kids about the significance of recycling and explain the procedure. Clarify with them what materials can be recycled and what cannot be recycled. Keep separate dustbins for recyclable and non-recyclable items and guide the children to correctly throw away recyclable materials into the recycling bin. Assign them to carry out the activity and inspire them by rewarding them.

National Public School – the best school in Sarjapur road advocates and lays adequate emphasis on the 3 R’s. We firmly believe that children are the future citizens of the earth and what better to nurture and love the planet than by guiding future generations to preserve resources? It would be apt to engage the children in fun and effective ways to focus on Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle waste while learning about their significance. We at National Public School – one of the prominent school in Sarjapur road walk the talk and we commit to going green while nurturing the 3 R’s at the heart of every student!

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