Primary School

NPS focuses on helping primary graders (class 1 to 5) achieve the best of their intellectual capabilities. This age is the best time for students to explore the world of integrated knowledge. We at NPS ensure each and every child gets the much-needed opportunity.

By class 5, your child would develop strong aptitude in all the core subjects, including Hindi, English, Social Science, Mathematics, and General Science.

NPS, one of the best schools near Sarjapur, excels in introducing core subjects to students in the best possible way. In addition to it, we also give equal importance to subjects and skills that your child needs to break into today’s technology-driven world. We ensure students from a younger age are introduced to computer literacy. Thus, we make computer classes available for students from Grade 1.

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Children here start to develop analytical skills from Grade 1. They have full access to our Math lab under the guidance of the assigned teacher.

Along with sharpening their intellectual skills, we are dedicated to making them aware of crucial real-world factors like environmental conservation. We teach our students to maintain cleanliness in their surroundings and contribute to the development of a healthy environment. You can trust NPS when it comes to teaching these values to young children. We involve them in various environmental projects that evoke their awareness of current ecological situations. 

Being part of the tribe among other Bangalore’s best CBSE schools, NPS students stand out with their excellent knowledge of national and international geography, history, and diverse cultures.

Here are a few programs and efforts maintained especially for 1st to 5th grader students:

  • Physical training classes
  • Art, music, drama classes
  • Structured writing programs
  • Guided Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) for 2nd to 5th graders
  • Three language system is followed, where Hindi/French is introduced as a third language
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