NPS Sarjapur is one of Bangalore’s best CBSE schools; our Montessori setting adheres to the mixed-age-groups principle, which builds a strong feeling of the community via collaborative learning and interaction. Under the supervision of qualified professionals, the “specially designed surroundings” allow kids to walk freely and select from a range of play and interaction.

Montessori generally begins as soon as a child reaches the age of 3. The Montessori educational approach helps to encourage children’s natural activities and interests instead of using formal teaching techniques. The development of practical skills and hands-on learning are prioritized in a Montessori Smart classroom. Maria Montessori, a doctor, is the creator of this amazing concept. It places a strong emphasis on independence and holds that children can initiate learning in a learning environment that is adequately encouraging and equipping.

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Our goal is to create a supportive environment where children can grow intellectually while maintaining their sense of wonder, intelligence, and compassion, where independence, social grace, inner discipline, and joy are molded into your kid. We aim at creating a pleasant environment where empowering small kids strives to prepare them not just for school but also for life ahead.

The self-directed, self-paced nature of the Montessori method is supported by experienced, caring teachers, peer leadership, and a supportive atmosphere.

We provide the flexibility and encouragement to connect ideas to the students. They act courageously and honorably, collaborate effectively, and think critically. What more significant results for your kids could you hope for?

Your child will be a part of a supportive, kid-centered learning environment that facilitates a love of learning via play and inquiry-based teaching strategies. Respecting and appreciating various cultures and people can aid in developing social awareness and self-confidence.

The Montessori program offered by NPS, the best school near Sarjapur is precisely crafted and is founded on time-honored multi-sensory and progressive learning concepts. The three-year Montessori program for kids between the ages of 3 and 5 offers worthwhile learning experiences.

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