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Innovative approaches to teaching and learning


When it comes to cutting-edge ways to teach or learn, several learning technologies and tools are at the top of the list. In the end, they may boil down to the fact that they can improve a teacher’s capacity to engage pupils by making a variety of resources and interactive activities more accessible. Creative whiteboard usage transforms classrooms making them more student-centred and tailored to their unique learning preferences. Including technologies that can enhance communication among the three parties involved in education—parents, teachers, and students—is another cutting-edge strategy. Digital calendars, gamified learning platforms, and the incorporation of digital content into courses are just a few examples. Hence, creative methods encourage student interest and enliven the learning environment. One gets to experience these innovations, as you visit NPS, the best CBSE school in sarjapur road.

Examples of innovative approaches used in classrooms include,


Using smartboards in the classroom allows teachers to increase productivity while enhancing the learning environment. With the use of interactive whiteboards, teachers can display more graphics, and students can collaborate in real-time, play videos, and exchange comments on the display. Lessons become more interesting, and classrooms are more interesting. Students may find it simpler to review their lecture notes with the aid of smartboards. Moreover, these devices support subject-specific learning apps encouraging student excitement and bringing life to the classroom.

Computers and Tablets

Teachers can benefit from the instructional games, movies, and new media features incorporated into contemporary technology like PCs, laptops, and tablets, which offer them access to more current places. This helps students learn how to use computers, the internet, databases, and other tools for research and instruction.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR), which has applications in a variety of fields, is gaining popularity in both the classroom and other settings. With the use of modern technology, teachers can devise innovative ways to instruct pupils on any topic. Students can gain new insights and a deeper comprehension of the subject matter by planning a virtual field trip. When playing an immersive VR game that immerses players inside a human cell and uses interactive activities to teach them about each component of the cell, students gain a real-time understanding of the subject.

Social Media

Teachers can use social media. To encourage interaction between their pupils and the material they are learning, teachers can make social groups, hashtags on pertinent subjects, and other chances. For instance, a social science instructor could set up a Facebook page where they publish discussion topics, such as those related to the culture of Harappa, and students can add questions or comments as they read. Instructors could also post a number of photographs and ask students to provide links to relevant videos or articles. All the national public schools should encourage similar teaching methods.

Integrating innovative approaches like technology in the classroom apart from enlivening the learning experience offers other advantages as well. These include:

Linking teachers and students

Technology helped both teachers and students to access with ease, the class materials anytime with lessons, supporting videos and graphics uploaded to Google Classroom, and upcoming assignments displayed on a shared calendar.

Interactive Learning Experiences

Smart technology in classrooms increased the engagement of students. With technology on hand, teachers can convey their ideas by illustrating methods using interactive media. Maybe you are developing wiki pages with the class notes or playing educational games on tablets, students can engage interactively through technology, irrespective of the task.


Students enjoy laying their hands on technological gadgets. These are capable of holding their attention with videos, graphics, and other media. Fun technology makes the students curious and they continue to learn and it additionally creates intrinsic motivation. In turn, it builds students’ morale and makes teaching more easily.


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Innovative approaches give teachers access to cutting-edge tools while also enabling them to be creative and participatory. Good teachers recognise the advantages of utilising technology in the classroom and continually seek out novel approaches to make their teachings memorable and distinctive from others. See how NPS School prepares teachers to use technology to turn classrooms into engaging learning spaces.


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