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How to make a student rely less on others?

Dependency more than usual generates problems for both the student and the teacher. An excessively dependent student can take away much of your attention and this in turn leaves you with little time for other students. The amount of time spent on an overly dependent student is not always helpful. The excessive dependence on the teacher and others has the possibility to restrict his/her involvement with peers, thus curtailing opportunities to groom and nurture vital social skills thus stunting his social development. Through this blog, we at National Public School – the best CBSE school in Bangalore will guide you on how to make a student rely less on others.

The excessively dependent student has issues with trust, and he/she has problems trusting himself/herself. The student looks for your assistance and support instead of looking within for answers. The student will look for help to so much extent that he/she risks being your constant acquaintance. He/she would spend more time at your desk than at his/her own. He/She engages you with a storm of questions or simply lingers by your side.

The solution to be achieved by working on an excessively dependent student is to help him/her to trust his/her own judgement and become adequately self-reliant. This goal requires that you converse with him/her about the expectations and put firm limits on your contact. The limited attention will bolster his/her independence by dodging interacting with him/her that was fuelling his/her dependence.

Inspire the student to have belief in his own judgement. Attempt to minimalise a student’s dependency on others by helping him/her to build their own judgment and the aptitude to solve problems. It is advisable to let the student do what he/she is able to do on their own. If the student has questions, you must make him/her share his/her ideas, and then figure out a solution to support what he/she says. If the student struggles to answer a query, support him/her to find out the solutions. You may give him/her some hints which could guide him/her towards the correct answer. 

It is essential to recognise why a student is clingy or excessively dependent. Some children are unpredictably clingy and shy, while others might react to a specific problem. If you identify that a child is becoming more reliant on you, it is sensible to converse with him/her and also with his/her parents to figure out if something is bothering and disturbing him/her.

Dishearten the clingy student’s questions. Children who are timid and insecure often seek comfort and assurance by questioning the teacher at every turn. There are many ways you can deal with the entire class and the dependent students. For example, you can tell the student to ask other classmates before asking you. You can tell him/her to engage in a task prior to asking any questions. You can also bind the student to a fixed number of questions every day.

It is easier said than done, but if the student loiters around you or grasps your arm, do not gaze or talk with him/her. The class must be continued and students are praised for behaving appropriately. The aim is to make the dependent student understand that you would respond to proper behaviour and disregard clingy behaviour. Make sure to give whole attention when he/she begins behaving independently rather than when he/she behaves dependently. Also, you can pair the dependent student with a responsible & mature classmate, and tell the dependent student to interact with his/her buddy first when he seeks help.

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