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How schooling at NPS will benefit my child?

National Public School (NPS) Sarjapur is the best school and studying here will immensely benefit your child. With a name and legacy in education, NPS Sarjapur is well known for its academic excellence pooled with good values and discipline. NPS Sarjapur road gives importance to grooming a child holistically, from an early age and endows them with the rational & creative skills required to realize their dreams. We believe that classrooms are the gateways to the knowledge that turns a child into an individual with wonderful talents and capabilities!

NPS Sarjapur road follows the glorious path laid down by the NPS Group of institutions; committed to the holistic development of its students. The family of NPS Schools is a vibrant, thriving and diverse community of children, parents and educators, united with an ardent desire to blossom and manifest the latent potential of its scholars. We are one of the best CBSE schools in and around Bangalore, technically sound, along with an over-the-top contemporary requirement that is inculcated as additional qualities of new age group beginners.

Here are some reasons why NPS Sarjapur road is the best school for your child and how your child will be benefitted.

Promotes Interpersonal Interaction

We encourage the students as well as the teachers to develop bondage because bonding lets them express their opinions and needs freely. Their interactions can help students learn how to tackle various situations without a second thought when they encounter and fit into society.

Enhances Social Skills

With their contemporaries, the students feel comfortable, build friendships, develop good communication skills, and understand social interactions. Children, mostly learn by keen observation and copy-pasting others.

Contributes to Personality Development

With a comprehensive set of activities that include reading, writing, speaking, listening and understanding, students shape their personalities. Grooming to develop self-concept and self-worth starts in the classroom.

Helps Time Management

The importance of time and its management along with the basic social etiquette are taught at NPS Sarjapur road from an early age. A proper schedule helps them be optimistic and determined towards life.

Fun and Engaging

Keeping in mind that the attention span of a young child is very less at NPS Sarjapur road, it is a norm that the students and teachers have to interact and engage each other so that the primary aim of learning is kept under the focus. Games, riddles and other activities in the lively surrounding are kept alive and create a wonderful learning atmosphere.

At NPS Sarjapur road, we persistently strive to create an atmosphere of safety, harmony, and cordiality where students interact, share and adapt themselves to varied backgrounds. The challenges in the world out there, are multi-factorial. We equip students to be creative in their minds so that they are better at surmounting those and towards this objective, Teachers play a vital role.

Practical knowledge for our students is within the reach, as we conduct periodical visits field trips for our students to industries and similar locations. By ensuring that the ratio of Teachers: Students is as per the laid down Protocol by CBSE, NPS Sarjapur road, individual attention by Teachers is a reality.

We focus not only on academics but on extra-curricular activities like sports and personal development programmes that inculcate in students every opportunity to grow in knowledge, self-confidence, skill and understanding. Community initiatives like Green initiatives and specific drives on safety, environment etc are our hallmarks.

Frequent meetings of forums like the Parents–Teachers Association (PTA) aid in knowing where each student academically stands, so that if any course correction is required, the same could be initiated well in advance.


Within the four walls of NPS, classrooms lie the temple of our setting and are bounded by rules. Filled with both serious and fun elements with teachers as the guiding light to the students, we give shape to the minds of the future and turn them into responsible citizens and human beings.

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