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Finding the best preschool for your child

February 29, 2024
Finding the best preschool for your child

Finding the best preschool for your child

February 29, 2024
Finding the best preschool for your child


What qualities should parents seek in a quality preschool?

The topic of early child care has been researched for decades by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD).

The effectiveness of childcare facilities, especially preschools, has regularly been found to be strongly connected with the outcomes of the kid in the future. So, it is vital to find your child a reputable preschool.

The critical task of selecting the ideal child from a wide range of alternatives falls to the parents. Fortunately, if you know what to look for, evaluating preschool quality is extremely simple. While the classroom will surely serve as the major environment for education, NPS branches in Bangalore firmly believe that if you want to improve a child’s capacity for learning, you should also focus on their intellectual, social, and academic growth outside of the classroom right from preschool days.

Here are the standards for a top-notch preschool.

  1. Teachers have post-secondary formal training
    Higher teacher education is associated with higher-quality treatment, according to studies. Search for teachers who have completed formal post-high school training.
  2. Teachers are upbeat and compassionate
    The foundation of early learning is a relationship of trust. Research shows that kids learn better and make more progress in their development when their teachers are upbeat and kind.
  3. Interactive and interesting instruction
    Take note of how teachers engage the student during class. Positive and frequent interactions between teachers and students are important. They encourage in-depth thinking in children by posing challenging questions. They encourage kids to converse. Also, they encourage the child to study by praising their good deeds.
  4. Provide constructive punishment and patiently direct the child’s behaviour.
    Get a detailed description of the school’s disciplinary procedures. All preschoolers are acquiring social and self-control abilities. Kids require assistance learning social conventions and how to communicate their frustration. Positive discipline should be used by effective teachers. Instead of using punishment, they should use patient explanation and instruction to impose discipline.
  5. 5 A lot of unstructured playtimes and social learning with the aid of the teacher                                                                                One of the best ways for preschoolers to learn is through free play, according to research. Playing and engaging in physical activity promote early development and brain growth. Free play helps kids learn social skills and encourages prosocial conduct. If the preschool is of poor quality, the child’s conduct can deteriorate. Preschool attendance is linked to greater social and cognitive development, however, studies suggest that if the preschool is of poor quality, the child’s conduct may deteriorate.
  6. Talk to other parents but keep an open mind
    If you can, speak to the parents of both present and past you might gain a clear image of what you might need to ask questions that are more precise. But, keep in mind that not everyone defines quality in the same way.


These are a few of the important criteria that need to be met by the preschool you choose, as the foundation for a strong individual starts even before formal schooling. NPS Sarjapur, the best CBSE School gives adequate weightage to early education and transforms them to face the challenges of the future.



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