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Activities at NPS that promote rational and creative thinking


How can rational and creative thinking be promoted in schools and used to enhance young minds?

Research says that the classroom experiences of children in the ever-evolving elementary education system make rational thinking an indispensable part due to which it is possible to train young minds to practice the art of developing logic and reasoning skills. This in turn can help them make better decisions in life.

Rational & Creative thinking at NPS

NPS Sarjapur, the best CBSE school in Bangalore right from the lower classes, are trained to create ideas, find solutions for puzzles and practice positive traits. It is a proven fact that the brain grows exponentially and the maximum development of the Brain in early childhood ie say up to six years of age. So it is vital to foster dreams in the early days of schooling. The Foundation for such a goal is set as mentioned earlier, during schooling. Creative outlook, problem-solving skills, talent in extracurricular activities, etc can trigger cognitive development. Children use all their senses to explore people, toys, and activities that will inspire curiosity and inquisitiveness in learning. This, in turn, sharpens their skills and they try to bring in the best.

We believe in encouraging children to choose and this is of paramount importance. Children should be given opportunities – and adequate time – to experience and explore expressive materials. Emphasis should be on the process of creativity and not on the end product. What children learned and discovered for themselves is vital to their development. We acknowledge the creative process and are supportive of their effort.

Contrary to popular opinion, not all thinking is rational it is important to adopt the right techniques that can make children ready to meet the challenges of living in a diverse, complex world, with rational.

Some of these activities are:

  • Using Detectors: By hiding some objects in grasses or bushes, and asking the child to find them out using the given detector, is a good way to prompt the discovery of newer things.
  • Reading Books to them: This is a very good exercise not only to enhance knowledge but also to develop concentration. Read out a story while you could see your child in rapt attention. Amid the story, pause and ask questions like

What would you have done, if it was you?

How would you have fixed (a certain thing that happened in the story), if were asked to do it?

Initially, the child may respond “I don’t know”. But over some time, you will be amazed to learn the amount of creativity that the child gets through their answers.

  • Games for kids: Playing games with your kids helps so much in teaching your child problem-solving skills. Games help teach them the ability to look for details, obey instructions and handle pressure. It can be very disappointing, for a child when he/she is not able to find that object you have kept for them but being able to be patient and use steps of elimination allows your kid to be a better problem solver.
  • Crafts and arts: The amount of creativity that could be derived from magazines, colour books, etc put to use here. Painting or colouring animals, plants, or different Professionals like that of a Postman, doctors, etc can relate imagination to learning. This may pave the way to pretend play. Pretending to act like the one who is there in the community may it be a Barrister or an Engineer sharpens kids’ imaginative skills about a particular profession.


We at NPS Sarjapur road give importance to grooming a child holistically, from an early age and endow them with the rational & creative skills required to realize their dreams.

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