npsjpr_admin December 5, 2022

Activities at NPS that promote rational and creative thinking

Introduction How can rational and creative thinking be promoted in schools and used to enhance young minds? Research says that the classroom experiences of children in the ever-evolving elementary education system make rational thinking an indispensable part due to which it is possible to train young minds to practice the art of developing logic and […]

npsjpr_admin October 27, 2022

Importance of Skill based school

There are two major trends seen in our community that pose a fundamental challenge – and many opportunities – to our educational system. One is the shift from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy. The other is the rising generation who are brought up on the Internet is very differently motivated to learn. These […]

npsjpr_admin August 29, 2022

The five tantras in Panchatantra

Stories always remind me of my grandma, she always narrated new stories every day and we were very excited to listen to her stories. In the past before the invention of electronic devices, our grandmas were the ones who always kept us entertained by telling our own stories. Panchatantra is a collection of ancient short […]

npsjpr_admin March 17, 2022

Motivating Kids to be active

Physical activity is essential for healthy development and hence parents have a vested interest to embrace the activity. But certain factors come in the way of children or young adults being active. In a study, children and youth for eight years, say from ages 10 to 17, were followed up for a better understanding of […]