npsjpr_admin August 30, 2023

Strong Foundation for Lifelong Learning: The Benefits of Choosing the Best Kindergarten for your child

Introduction It is well known that the brain develops structurally at the age of 5-6 years. As a result, the fundamental trait required for innovation, knowledge, is nurtured at all levels and more so in children. At NPS-Sarjapur, the best school in Bangalore, we encourage learning, creativity, and problem-solving skills in our students to face future […]

npsjpr_admin August 18, 2023

Success Beyond Academics: How the Best CBSE School Nurtures Career Excellence

How the Best CBSE School Nurtures Career Excellence Education transcends the confines of academia and extends beyond the classroom, developing people into complete, successful professionals. The role of a top-notch CBSE school in fostering career excellence goes far beyond imparting knowledge. It includes all aspects of development, including practical abilities and a solid basis for […]

npsjpr_admin August 18, 2023

Importance of Parenting for School Children

Importance of Parenting for School Children Parenting is a monumental responsibility that involves nurturing, guiding and supporting a child’s growth and development. As children embark on their educational journey, the role of parents becomes even more significant. A strong and positive parental influence can have a profound impact on a child’s academic success, emotional well-being, […]

npsjpr_admin August 16, 2023

Role of Karnataka in India’s freedom struggle.

Introduction Karnataka too was influenced by national leaders and had visionary leaders like any other Indian State. This is reflected in the fact that the first village to declare Independence from colonial rule was the small village of Issuru, which was part of a larger area. Karnataka was not a single state when India’s freedom […]

npsjpr_admin August 8, 2023

Empowering Young Minds: How NPS adopts the Montessori way of learning

Best schools in Bangalore An essential factor in determining a society’s future is education. The Montessori methods are growing in popularity in recent years due to their unique approach to teaching and learning. Most schools incorporate Montessori ways of learning, NPS Sarjapur, one of the best schools in Bangalore, aims to empower young minds and […]

npsjpr_admin August 4, 2023

How to improve effective communication skills in students

Effective communication skills are essential for success in both academic and professional endeavours. As educators, parents, and guardians, we play a crucial role in helping students develop these skills. At National Public School, Sarjapur, we believe that nurturing effective communication skills not only improves academic performance but also prepares students for future leadership roles. In […]

npsjpr_admin May 27, 2023

The benefits of extracurricular activities: Finding your passion outside of the classroom

The benefits of extracurricular activities: Finding your passion outside of the classroom Education is not limited to what students learn inside the school classroom. Extracurricular activities provide a valuable avenue for students to explore their interests, develop new skills, and find passion outside the academic curriculum. These activities, whether they involve sports, arts, clubs, or […]

npsjpr_admin May 26, 2023

How painting helps develop fine motor skills in children

How painting helps develop fine motor skills in children? Painting is an enjoyable and engaging activity that children of all ages love to do. While painting is often thought of as a fun way for children to express their creativity and imagination, it can also help develop fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are important […]

npsjpr_admin May 20, 2023

Taking Passion To Profession – Encouraging Hobbies

Taking passion to profession – Encouraging Hobbies Success away from your job depends on many things, including how you spend your free time. Passions and hobbies are essential aspects of our lives that bring us joy, fulfilment, and a sense of purpose. A hobby can foster new interests, boost networking, and promote unique ways of […]